Blue Moon Light Sky

In February, Blue Moon celebrated their 25th anniversary by launching their newest innovation: Blue Moon Light Sky – a refreshing citrus and wheat craft beer with only 95 calories at 4% ABV. Blue Moon already had the best-selling craft beer in the country, and they were looking to increase their market share with a lighter, daytime offering, which quickly became 2020’s No. 1 beer innovation by sales.
When the pandemic hit, Blue Moon was hit harder than many, as about half of their volume was sold in the on-premise. Following the initial slump, however, they’ve rallied back, boasting an increase of 29% over the last four weeks. This puts Blue Moon and Blue Moon Light Sky in the top four growth brands in the craft segment, with Light Sky as the best-selling new craft brand released in 2020, boasting over 3x more dollar sales than the next-highest.
One of the drivers of their growth was their 15-pack, something most craft brands don’t offer. Sales of just that package are up 75% year-over-year, as customers stock up their homes.

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